Jesse and Brett Crites

When I first began preparing for my journey of childbirth, my husband and I had only one goal: avoid trauma as much as possible. I never dreamed that I could participate in the choices, take action, and feel so confident in a new experience. Mary’s support and teaching gave us the tools necessary to feel some control in the beautiful chaos of birth.

Despite it being my first experience, I had been so prepared for each possibility I was at peace during the process. I never expected to feel peace in labor. Her classes instilled relaxation and pain management techniques that became second nature during active labor. My brain was able to trust my body and process because I was familiar with the stages of progression due to Mary’s in-depth education classes. Her teachings prepared me for how the midwives and nurses would interact with me, how my husband could also be an active participant, and how to actively advocate for myself.

Even when experiencing a minor complication post birth, I was calm and at peace because we learned in class how the father can step in to bond with the baby should an emergency arrive. My husband has insights that other first time fathers lack, because of Mary spending so much time pouring into our journey. She has a vast amount of experience and techniques that helped my body and mind be ready for birth. Because we practiced her techniques and waited patiently for labor with her encouragement, I was blessed with a short labor and unmedicated water birth. We can honestly say that my birth would not have been as painless and beautiful had we not been served so graciously and with so much dignity from Mary. We cannot thank her enough. I would not want to birth without her and plan to retake her classes with each of my future births! 

Bethany and Devon Corey

Mary Gillett was the absolute best! I can not recommend her enough. She made a huge difference in my birthing experience. I felt so comfortable in her classes and learned so much. She really helped open the door to communication about topics my husband and I had not thought to discuss. I also loved how she covered pregnancy, birth, and post-partum and made herself so available to answer any questions. You can tell she is so passionate about the birth experience and protecting moms and parents and it truly shows. You will not regret allowing her to guide you through this time in your lives. Trust me!