Who We Are

We are a growing collective of birth, breastfeeding and parenting instructors and doulas.  We are Christians and come from a view of the body and birth process as an important and well-designed element of creation.  Our world view influences our position that the body is strong and our spirits capable for the task of parenting, beginning with birth.

Meet Mary

I recently retired from a career in public health.  I am a DONA-certified birth doula with 17 years’ experience, an ACBE-certified childbirth educator, a WIC-trained Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, and HUG-certified instructor, with more than 30 years’ experience in teaching parenting classes. 

I hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree, credits in Special Education, and a Masters in Adult Education. I recently moved with my husband of 42 years to the Youngsville, NC area where I am “Gigi” to three adorable granddaughters.

What I Believe

Each baby (Ps 139:13-17) is a precious person from the moment of inception, and our trust and reliance on God should be central to our birth process. Whatever a “perfect birth” experience may look like to each couple, I would like to help them navigate to get there. (Ps 71:6).  A birth with proper preparation, education and support is “simply better.”

  • Birth matters – the way we enter the world should be as gentle and supportive as possible and centered on the bonding of the baby-parent dyad. The journey of birth is a powerful experience for both baby and parents and those first hours matter more than anyone might imagine.
  • Keep it simple, because nothing goes exactly according to plan, but preparation and planning can set the stage for a “perfectly imperfect” birth experience.  There are no “shoulds” in birth. Prepare your best and then trust your mom-and-dad wisdom to make your best-informed decisions. The flexibility required as we navigate through birth is great practice for parenting!
  • The range of how mothers experience birth is powerful and sometimes very uncomfortable.  We own that and believe we should meet our apprehension head-on with strategies that are evidence-based and rely on sound information to dispel fear and tension through knowledge and preparation.  Birth is a part of life and life is full of challenges. With the help of our support system, we are equal to the task. (John 16:21)
  • Our thoughts should be shaped by a positive view of birth.  Too many people are willing to tell negative tales of birth, and we need to learn a different way to think about this very positive and natural process.  Education, planning and preparation can break the cycle of fear, tension and pain in labor. Everyone can benefit from being better informed and feeling more confident and competent going into this life-changing event. “When we know better, we do better.”
  • Women are created for birth, but our lifestyle and culture do not always support birthing in the way we might desire.  Improvements in fitness, nutrition, and education are the best preparation for the birth experience, in whatever way we see fit.
  • Those we love can often be the best support.  You are doing life together, and the birth experience is life!  Childbirth education and hiring a doula should support your family seamlessly, reduce the stress of the unknown, and enhance your experience together. They should never “take over” or replace anyone.

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