Fresh Voices on Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is not my favorite month.

Don’t get me wrong. I love fall and I absolutely love getting relief from the sticky North Carolina heat.  But it is also a mash of emotions because in a two week period we have my first precious son’s birth day, the anniversary of my second son’s death, the birthday of my rainbow baby (my fifth child) and Halloween festivities right in the middle just to mess with our family dynamics when the kids were little!

That was all a very long time ago, and I plan to publish a blog in a couple weeks that tells my story of loss and fulfillment more fully. For right now I think we need fresh young voices who are speaking in the middle of their experiences; not only speaking out of their pain, but speaking with joy, determination and wisdom about walking through their challenging season of parenthood – a journey of loss and hope.  Take a moment to read the wise words of this young woman on miscarriage, loss, when to announce your pregnancy and waiting on your “Rainbow Baby.” 

Whether or not you share these particular struggles – I think you will love the wisdom and joy you hear from Kathryn Ball:

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