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“Simply Better Birth” and “Hello Baby” will be scheduled in-person fall 2022 as interest is indicated.

Virtual “Simply Better Birth” will be offered in October (dates TBA)

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As a certified doula and childbirth educator serving the greater Raleigh and Franklin County area, I believe that the birth experience can be filled with strength, joy, and peace. Birth with support and preparation is “simply better.” It is my privilege to guide you and your family to that goal. Explore further for information regarding classes and services offered or contact me today.

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Birth Classes

We believe that each child is precious from their moment of inception and that how they enter the world matters.
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About Mary

Mary Gillett is recently retired from a career in public health.  She is a DONA certified birth doula with 17 years’ experience, an ACBE-certified childbirth educator, a WIC-trained Breastfeeding Peer Counselor …

Parenting & Breastfeeding Classes

Your learning journey as parents doesn’t end with birth! Click here to find out more about early neonatal development, breastfeeding, ways to interact with your newborn and more.

What we stand for at Simply Better Birth and Beginnings

What we believe:
Each baby is a precious person from the moment of inception…

  • Birth matters…
  • We try to keep it simple because nothing goes exactly according to plan…
  • The spectrum of how mothers experience birth is powerful and sometimes very uncomfortable… 
  • Our thoughts should be shaped by a positive view of birth…
  • Women are created for birth, but our lifestyle and culture do not always support birthing in the way we might desire… 
  • Those we love can often be the best support…

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How is a Doula Like a Glee Club Member?

Remember the nonsense riddle from Alice in Wonderland –  “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”  There was no answer to the question of course, but since I love analogies and tend to understand my world from drawing parallels, I ask the question, “How is a doula like glee club member?” I have a… Continue reading How is a Doula Like a Glee Club Member?


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